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By Vipasha

Inculcating good manners in your child

As parents, one of the most important jobs is to teach our kids social skills. Making them learn how to behave with others, how to interact politely and teach them to respect everyone. 

Manners are important both in social and business environments. It is all about respecting others. A well-mannered person tends to have positive vibes and people often feel happy in connecting with them. As it is rightly said that if you respect others, people will respect you for sure.

Raising well-mannered kids can be a challenging task. But before they go to school, it’s good that they learn basic manners. Such as saying sorry, please or thank you. Good manners not just reflect their personality but portray their upbringing and help them stay grounded. It even helps children to adjust to a diverse group of people.  

Manners are not something that could be taught only verbally. There are few books based on good manners that help the parents to teach manners to their little ones. One such is Pegasus’s Manners book which teaches basic manners at home, school, saying sorry, please, hello and much more.

Children don't need to take classes or watch any television show to learn manners. All they need is to be disciplined and practice manners. It is good if the parents remind them every time they misbehave. We often see kids tend to follow what their parents do, so it is good if the parents remain extra respectful to others in front of their children. This way they can imitate their parents and learn from them. The most important thing is that the parents should treat their kids with respect so that they can reciprocate back to them.

It is always advised that the moment you start to notice that your child is misbehaving or has started to pick up unhealthy behaviour, equip them with the right manners and make sure they practice them regularly. Parents are the best teachers to teach good manners. Being a well-mannered parent will result in you as a good role model to your child who they will look up to.

There are some of the essential manners that every child should be taught from an early age like greet people before starting any conversation, open doors or hold doors for others, know the importance of empathy, being patient, know when to say sorry, please, thank you and much more.

Once your child learns to practice these manners. They can never disrespect anyone. Every child should keep one thing in mind that not to nag these manners, rather they should be made to learn that good manners are nothing extraordinary but are just the way it’s done.

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