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By Vipasha

Introduce your little ones to baby board books

Many parents enjoy reading books to their little ones. Reading to kids is something that can be started right away..even while they are tiny! Many young readers are entertained and encouraged by being read along with the beautiful illustrations. Board books are often the first books that parents introduce to toddlers. One such reason is that they are durable enough for babies and toddlers. 

A board book is a durable version of a regular book with pages that are so thick they are like “boards”. They are generally less than ten pages long. These books are specially written for babies and toddlers, with large words and colourful illustrations. Board books are appropriate for babies aged 6 months to toddlers 4 years old. 

There are multiple benefits of board books for infants. Some of them are:

  • Durability: The board books are highly durable. The pages are thick and non-tearable. Easy to clean pages when they get dirty.

  • Accessibility: These board books are easily available for the little ones. They are quite safe as they come up with round and smooth edges. The little ones can easily use these books.

  • Eye-catching Illustrations: Baby board books are highly attractive as they contain colourful eye-catching images. Children tend to love these books

  •  Develops fine motor skills: Board books tend to develop fine motor skills in toddlers as they learn to turn the pages. The books are perfect for tiny hands. They fit in their hands and are child friendly books.

  • Perfect read aloud books: These board books are considered to be the perfect read aloud books for the toddlers. Just show them the image and word associated with it. Reading to them will develop reading skills in them.

  • Build Vocabulary: Through these baby board books toddlers come across many new words and this enhances their vocabulary.

Thus baby board books are always an ideal option to introduce your little ones. They are sure to love these books. 

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