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By Vipasha

Why are coloring books a must-have for your child?

Children are very creative. They just love to draw and colour, in this way they express themselves. Colouring books are really helpful to prepare your child for school. They are an important educational tool. Colouring books are considered to be one of the most favourite pastime activities for the little ones as it helps them to be imaginative and provides an opportunity to express themselves. 

Colouring is a great way to enhance your little one’s skills. It benefits them in the long run. There are various benefits of having colouring books for your child:

  • Enhance fine motor skills: 

Letting your child to colour helps in improving their motor skills. Colouring helps children to build muscles in their fingers, hand and wrist which aids in manipulating small objects. This helps your children to perform better. 

  • Stimulates Creativity

Colouring helps in bringing up the creative side of your child. He will visualise how his drawing will look once he is done colouring. It stimulates creativity in your child. So, hand your kid a box of crayons and set them free. 

  • Colour Recognition

Letting your child fill his favourite colour in the picture, helps him to recognise colours. He will know which colour to pick and which not. He will be able to remember colours. He will learn to tell the difference between green, yellow, red, pink and so on. Using different colors gives your child a chance to explore the different color combinations.

  • Builds concentration and focus

We often tell our kids to fill colour between the lines, they need to concentrate more so that they don’t colour outside the lines. When they are told to colour in that particular area, they need to focus more and be more precise in their application. 

Thus, bring as many colouring books as for your little ones. Pegasus too has various colouring books for kids catering to different age groups. 

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