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Pegasus Distribution Partner Programme

Join the ever growing Pegasus Family!

Pegasus is a global children book publishing company with over 2000 products in print and sales in over 100 countries. We bring out over 300 new products every year that is almost one product each day of the year.

Pegasus produces
  • Books
  • Board Games
  • Puzzles
  • Gift Products

under several brands and licenses.


All our products including books and puzzles are well written, beautifully illustrated and creatively designed to appeal to children of all ages. With great quality, mass appeal categories and value for money products the sales opportunities that the products offer are huge.


Pegasus books, games & puzzles are a great seller in Bookstores, Toy Stores, Preschools, School Book Fairs, Departmental Stores & online stores. Kids love Pegasus products and with our great social media presence we have been able to create brand awareness across the board.


Pegasus Partners make Pegasus Products available in their region to meet the growing demand of our products. We connect all those who need our books in the region to our regional partner and support the partner in vaiour ways.

Benefits of becoming a Partner

  •  Enjoy ROI of upto 50% on your investment
  •  Extensive Marketing Support
  •  Great Sales Support
  •  Huge Future Growth Potential

What support do I get from Pegasus

Marketing Support

  •   Free Samples of all the new products
  •   Catalogues for distribution
  •   Display Materials for Retail Units
  •   Free Distribution Material for consumers
  •   Online Social Media Campaigns

Sale Support

  •  Sales Staff Support for order collection
  •  Local public fairs, events & exhibitions to boost sale
  •  Regular Sales Schemes to increase margins

Qualifications For becoming Channel Partner

Ample Warehousing Facility

to stock pegaus prpducs and make them Avilable to the customers

Delivery Staff

for local delivery

Financially Capacity

to hold stocks for distribution & recivable

If you are interested in joining our family, please fill out the form below: