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Benefits of buying sticker books for your little ones.

Benefits of buying sticker books for your little ones.

We are aware of the fact that toddlers generally don’t have longer attention spans and they tend to get bored easily. But getting them stickers that are shiny or attractive could catch their attention. They love sticky things and that’s why sticker books are highly attractive to them. 

The moment you give your little one sticker books. You won’t get to know the benefits but gradually when you see him enjoying those stickers, you get how important are sticker books. The sticker books bring a smile to your little one’s face. They spend hours trying to remove and paste those stickers wherever they feel like. 

Playing with stickers can help kids with so many skill areas. There are plenty of benefits of using stickers. Some of them are listed below:

  • Visual Scanning: The sticker books enhance the ability to scan through our eyes. This means that with so many stickers on one page. Children get to scan a single sheet to peel off the sticker that they want. 
  • Hand strength: Children with little hands get to exercise their muscles by peeling off and pasting the stickers. This improves their hand strength. This strength is helpful in various activities such as: holding pencils, colouring sheets and much more. 
  • Bilateral hand coordination: It is important that both our hands work in coordination with each other. Playing with stickers helps in improving this hand coordination as using one hand to hold the sticker steadily and another to pull it off. This repeated exercise of peeling stickers improves the coordination of both hands in your kids. 
  • Spatial Awareness: Spatial awareness is the awareness of space. When kids peel off stickers and paste it on a sheet, their brain needs to assess how big the sticker is and how much space it will require. Pasting stickers help kids to be more spatially aware. 
  • Enhance knowledge: With these sticker books, kids get to learn about animals, plants, birds, colours and various other themes. This improves their knowledge on different subjects. 

So, get your little ones involved with these sticker books to work on all of these developmental areas. Pegasus is India's leading award-winning children's book publisher. They have a wide range of books: workbooksstorybooksbaby board bookspuzzles, toys, activity bookscolouring books and many more. It is one of the best online platforms for buying kids’ books, games and toys that caters to children from 0 to 12 years old. They too have introduced stickers books that are ideal for kids aged 3+ years based on four different themes.  

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