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| About Us

Pegasus is a multifaceted children’s publishing company, igniting young minds worldwide with captivating books for ages 0-12. Our stories traverse over 150 countries and dazzle in 30 different languages.


Step into the enchanting world of Pegasus, India’s award-winning children’s book publisher. With over 2000 captivating titles in print, our books transport young readers on magical adventures, nurturing their love for stories. Available in over 150 countries and 30 languages, Pegasus captivates young minds worldwide. But Pegasus is more than books. From early learning books to engaging storybooks and puzzles, we foster holistic skill development in children aged 0 to 12. We forge partnerships with 350+ global distributors, making our books accessible to schools, book fairs, retail stores, and online platforms. 


Education is our core, and we develop curriculum-related books in collaboration with chain schools, inspiring young learners. We’ve established pop-up shops at various locations to connect directly with readers, ensuring easy access for families seeking the joy of reading. Find our delightful range at leading bookstores, departmental stores, and online platforms.


As an imprint of B Jain Publishers Pvt Ltd, Pegasus leads the children’s book market. Recognizing the demand for products beyond books, we ventured into toys and games. Popcorn, our brand, crafts top-quality educational toys—puzzles, playsets, Montessori-inspired items, wooden wonders, and fabric novelties—catering to diverse interests and developmental needs.


With over 300 new releases annually, Pegasus evolves while staying committed to excellence. Families worldwide cherish our books and puzzles, inviting children to learn, dream, and create.