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Best Return Gift Ideas for Kids

Best Return Gift Ideas for Kids

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  1. Write & Wipe Activity Mats:
  2. Stick Puzzles:

Birthdays are always special and worth waiting for. Birthdays become even more special when it comes to celebrating your little one’s birthday. The joy of celebrating that birthday is something that could not be compared with any other celebration. But this celebration comes with a whole lot of preparations. Parents have to look for all the decorations, the perfect birthday cakes, theme for the party, venue and most importantly the return gift.

Return gifts are something which might be a burden for the parents to choose. But for the little ones, this is the most special and loved part of the entire birthday party!

Return gifts are something which little ones always look up to. The kids eagerly wait for this. There is a lot of excitement seen in kids even at the end of the party because that’s the time for their return gifts distribution. So parents should always choose gifts that the little ones will really love to have!

There are few things that parents should consider while choosing the return gifts for their child’s birthday party:

  • Setting budget for the gift is an ideal way to start with
  • The gifts should always be chosen keeping in mind the age group of the children
  • Parents should try to select such gifts that are really useful to kids and that could help them in their development
  • Selected gift should be able to bring a smile on little one’s face
  • One could even keep in mind the interests of the children and select gifts as per that

There are a lot of things that could be chosen for the birthday return gift. It could be puzzlesstorybookscolouring booksworkbooks, activity books or maybe some early learning books if it’s an infant birthday party.

Pegasus is widely known for the wide range of collection they have for the little ones. They are the well-known Children book publishers in India. They cover a vast variety of products ranging from activity books for kids to workbookscolouring books for kids to jigsaw puzzles for the age of 0-12 years. They have their products available for the little readers both online and offline. One could find the best return gift options in Pegasus. Some of the mostly picked products as return gifts are listed here for you:

This is something that is high in demand these days. Children enjoy these write, wipe and clean activity mats. As these mats allow little ones to do different sets of activities and the best thing is it allows kids to write over and over again and again. These write & wipe activity mats are reusable. These mats come in four titles: PreschoolMazes and Dots To Dots, Tracing and Pen Control and ABC and Numbers.

Ideal for: Kids aged 3+ years

These stick puzzles are one of the unique return gifts that could be chosen for kids. This is something that they will surely love to have. The unique thing about this puzzle is children get to make a puzzle on both the sides of the sticks. All a child needs to do is sort the sticks with background colour and arrange the sticks in the correct order to reveal the colourful and beautiful AnimalsVehiclesPrincesses or Magical Creatures. These stick puzzles improve a kid's focus, concentration and problem solving ability.

Ideal for: Kids aged 0-2 years

If it's a party for toddlers, then it is good to have flashcards as return gifts. These are the perfect learning cards as these cards allow to introduce alphabetsnumberscolours and shapes to kids. These cards develop a love of learning in a fun way. The best thing about these cards are they are water resistant cards and are non-tearable. They come in such bright colours that are sure to grab the kid’s attention. 

Ideal for: Kids aged 2+ years

Art & Craft activities are something that all the little ones love to do. Gifting them these art & craft books can never go wrong. These books are ideal for kids with creative minds. Appealing artwork with thick lines and child-friendly and eye-catching designs make this book perfect for your child's entertainment.

Ideal for: Kids aged 3-8 years

One could even choose some of the storybooks for the kids. As this would only help the little ones to develop early reading habits. These storybooks have some of the very famous stories that kids will love to read.

Ideal for: Kids ages 3+ years

It is fun to have sticker books. Colourful stickers enhance your child’s learning adventure and help them develop creativity. The sticker books are packed with lots and lots of fun stickers that can easily be torn along the dotted line.

Ideal for:  Kids aged 3+ years.

Colouring is every child’s favourite pastime. They could never get bored from this. Jumbo colouring books have extremely thick and high paper quality. It can be used with crayons, pencils, watercolours and paint. Children could enjoy hours of fun with these books.

Ideal for: Kids aged 3+ years.

Puzzles are a great educational tool to enhance and promote cooperative play. From early childhood right through to adulthood we love to play with puzzles. This series of puzzles includes all the pieces related to the theme in the form of self-correcting puzzles. The trial and error involved in the puzzle will teach the children to be patient. These puzzles will also Improve short term memory and concentration.

Ideal for: Kids aged 3+ years

These are some return gift ideas for the kids. Parents could choose any of them. The kids are sure to love these gifts. Remember to give gifts as per the child’s age and interests. 

Most picked return gifts for kids

What could be more exciting than your child’s birthday? This is something we wait for the entire year. Children love to celebrate their birthdays in schools and at home with their friends and family. Birthdays are always special and exciting. No matter how old we get, the craze to celebrate birthdays remains the same. 

Remember when we were young and we used to get return gifts from birthday parties. This ritual of giving return gifts to friends and family will never get old. We still buy return gifts for kids. We all love getting gifts in return. This holds a special place in every one’s heart. 

These days we often see birthday parties are theme based. Sometimes it’s jungle theme, fairy theme, super hero theme or unicor theme party. Depending on the theme of the birthday party the party organiser wishes to choose return gifts for kids as per that. Choosing the perfect return gifts for kids is really not an easy task. This takes too much time and effort. One needs to be very creative and unique for this. Choose the return gift for kids as per their age group.The price range need not be very high. This could be economical and something which suits your budget too. 

There are various publishers that deal in children products. One of them is Pegasus. Pegasus is a very famous brand for children. They deal in children's books, games and puzzles. There are a variety of products available for kids aged 0-12 years. From early learning books to workbooks to colouring books to activity books and more in the collection. Parents could find plenty of options for return gifts for kids. 

Pegasus has its own official website where all the products are listed according to the categories and the age group. They have their offline store located in DLF, Mall of India, Noida. All the products are available at the stores too. One could visit and have a look at all the return gift options for kids. 

Here is a list of options that are most picked up from Pegsus as return gifts for kids:

Picture books are good for toddlers. They get to see the images and they are able to recognise them as well. This is a series of 8 board books based on different themes. Parents whose little one is turning 1 or 2 could choose these books as return gifts for kids. These books are die-cut shaped books with thick covers. The books are related to farm, home, school, jungle and desert, space, things that move and town. 

The activity mats are good to keep kids busy and entertained especially these write and wipe ones. The kids find these activity mats really fun. The mats are reusable and allow kids to write and wipe again and again. These mats could be chosen as return gifts for kids aged 3 years and above. The four write & wipe activity mats in this series are ABC and Numbers, Tracing & Pen Control, Preschool, Mazes and Dots to Dots. 

Puzzles are fun and children love getting puzzles as return gifts. This is one of the best options for kids. All the kids love to do the jigsaw puzzles. This series is based on famous classics. Little ones find these puzzles really very fascinating. The puzzles listed in the series are Aladdin & Jasmine, Alice in Wonderland, Beauty & the Beast, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Pinocchio, Rapunzel, The Hare & Tortoise, The Little Prince, The Snow Princess, Wizard of Oz and Masha & the Bear. One of the amazing things about these puzzles is that they come along with the book based on the theme of the puzzle. 

Ruskin Bond is one the famous children’s book authors. His style of writing is different from the other authors. Little ones feel connected and they love to read his stories. He is quite popular among kids. This Ruskin Bond series is an ideal return gift option for kids aged 6 years and above. The titles in this series are Ruskin Bond Animal Adventures, Ruskin Bond From the Cradle of Nature, Ruskin Bond Amazing Stories of Children, Ruskin Bond Adventure Stories for Children, Ruskin Bond Stories of Wisdom, Ruskin Bond tales from the Childhood, Ruskin Bond Magical Stories and  Ruskin Bond The Blue Umbrella. 

The pop up books are quite popular these days. These books are 3D books. Kids love seeing these books as there are 3D images in the books. The books in the series are Beauty & the Beast, Cinderella, Pinocchio, Puss in Boots, Rapunzel and Snow White. This series of books is an ideal option for return gifts for kids aged 2 years and above. 

Kids love to colour and they get happy when they are offered colouring books. These super jumbo colouring books are great return gift ideas for kids. These books provide kids with an ample amount of space to colour. Parents could choose these super jumbo colouring books as return gifts for kids. Along with these books colours could also be gifted.

There are plenty of options to choose from. Parents could choose the return gifts for kids as per their choices. What makes any birthday party special is good food, decor and most importantly the return gifts at the end. Kids get happy and pleased when they receive those cute return gifts. So, what are you waiting for? Go and choose the best return gift for your child’s birthday party. !

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