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Flashcards making the early learning interesting and engaging

Flashcards making the early learning interesting and engaging

Making kids learn new words is really not an easy task. It requires patience and one should know the ways to make them learn. You can’t just drill a child with words as it will only lead to rote memorisation and your child won’t be able to learn anything. The easiest and the best way to make your kid learn is through the use of flashcards.

Flashcards are a fun way to introduce and make your child learn a new concept. The concept could be animals, colours, shapes or some other. Flashcards help your child to engage in a question and answer format where they get curious to think about the topic and think about the answer as well.

We often see children don’t like to sit idle, they get bored easily. They keep on running here and there. There are certain activities that could ease their boredom and generate curiosity in them. Such activities promote a lot of movement as you tell your child to run and pick up either the object in the flashcard or to pick up the related flashcard.

Some of the activities to be played with flashcards are:

Numbers: Show your kid a flashcard containing numbers and ask them to bring things from their surroundings indicating that particular number.

Fruits and vegetables: This is an interesting activity where you show either any vegetable or fruit and the child picks up  the flashcard related to that.

Shapes: In this activity, you could show your child the flashcard and let your child find the similar shape from their surrounding areas.

Benefits of such activities:

All these activities help your little ones in improving cognitive development and their fine motor skills. It increases their awareness around their surroundings and builds up the confidence in them. This helps in enhancing  their visual learning and recognition power.

Various benefits of flashcards:

Inexpensive: The flashcards are one of the least expensive study materials. They are quite easy to afford.

Easy to carry: They generally come in a very compact size. Easy to hold by toddlers with their little hands. They could carry them easily and could carry as many cards.

Increase efficiency: As cards could be taken anywhere with much ease. This increases their efficiency as the cards could be used effectively.

Makes learning easy: The cards generate curiosity in the little ones. They are able to remember and recall new words and new patterns. All this makes learning quite easy for them.

The best part about learning through flashcards is that the learning process can take place at any point of time. One doesn’t need to sit with their child in any particular format, rather they can just do it any time. It could be in between a game session as a part of the game itself. It is as simple as it sounds but is a very effective tool for the memory of your child. Pegasus too has their own flashcards. They are the perfect way to introduce alphabetsnumberscolours and shapes to your little ones.

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