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How do Hindi story books help in learning language?

How do Hindi story books help in learning language?

Learning any language takes effort and time. You can’t learn it in one go. When it comes to making your little one learn any language. It is important to always start with a good collection of books. Starting with Hindi story books can never go wrong.

Letting your little ones read through story books is always a great idea. Even if they can’t read on their own. Read it for them as stories play a vital role in the growth and development of the child. The story they get to know or the characters they come across in the story, they get familiar with it. Using those characters in their everyday lives help them to become friends and they relate to it quite well. 

Story books not only help in the growth and development of the child. But it also helps them in learning any language in a better way. There are various reasons to it:

  • Reading is important: When you read for your little ones, just by hearing the stories they come across different words and they get to learn the language. 
  • Stress on words: While reading, it is really important that you lay emphasis on certain words. The stress on words plays a crucial role in reading. They get to know the words and language better. 
  • Ask them often: Whatever you recite or read to your child, it is necessary that you ask them to tell you what you taught. They won’t be able to remember everything you said but at least they will try to frame sentences by themselves. This will enhance their memory and help them in learning language. 
  • Introduce audio-visual aids: You may even introduce the Hindi learning apps to your little ones or let them hear stories over videos or let the audio play. Learning can take place in any form. The more the learning takes place the better they will get to understand the language. 

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