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How does Encyclopedias help children?

How does Encyclopedias help children?

Kids are very curious. Their curiosity for learning has no boundaries. They are hungry for knowledge and providing them the right materials to learn is an ideal step. An encyclopedia is full of interesting facts that can be helpful for curious people and there are special encyclopedias for kids. The term ‘encyclopedia’ derives from the Greek phrase 'enkyklios paideia’ which means ‘universal knowledge’ and was considered a great skill to have in ancient Greece. 

Children’s Encyclopedias come with simple, easy-to-read text and lively detailed illustrations that keep children hooked on learning without any difficulties. 

An encyclopedia is beneficial for kids in many ways:

  • Depth: The information contained in the encyclopedia is vast and in detail. It contains a deep explanation of each and every topic. The content in the encyclopedias are well researched with a major focus on details and facts. 
  • Accurate Information: Encyclopedia contains information that is accurate and error free. The encyclopedia is the most reliable source of information as the data contained is well researched and is updated from time to time. This ensures that little ones do not miss anything new and is learning the most updated information that is available. 
  • Clarity in information: The information in the encyclopedia is written in a systematic manner that can be searched with ease. Everything is arranged in the right hierarchy.
  • Enhance knowledge: It is really important for kids to learn from books as well as from external sources. Encyclopedias are considered to be one of the best external sources. The knowledge provided by encyclopedias broadens academic and social skills. 

Thus encyclopedias are a great source of knowledge for the little ones. It gradually develops the early reading habit in them and benefits them in many ways.  Pegasus is India's leading award-winning children's book publisher. They have a wide range of books: workbooksstorybooks, puzzles, toys, activity books, colouring books and many more. It is one of the best online platforms for buying kids’ books, games and toys that caters to children from 0 to 12 years old.  They also has a wide range of encyclopedias focusing on various subjects that the curious and sharp child is always keen to learn about. The subject ranges from 365 science and experiments to 365 art and craft and much more. These encyclopedias are designed to generate curiosity in young readers for every day of the year.

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