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Why are Touch and Feel books important for little ones?

Why are Touch and Feel books important for little ones?

As your little one is growing, it is necessary that they get the knowledge of the outside world and gain the basic knowledge about different items. Babies try to get as much information as possible from the sense of feel, taste, hearing etc. Therefore, they like to touch, see, taste and hear the things they encounter. Parents should take advantage of this and start their education.

Touch and Feel books are an ideal option to start their learning journey and it has proven out to be quite helpful. These books spark the interest of the child in the world around them and play a major role in imparting education to kids.

There are several reasons why touch and feel books are important. Some of them are listed below:

  • Books have bright colours: It is observed that these touch and feel books are always brightly coloured to attract the attention of little ones. This also helps them to know the world around them. 
  • Builds vocabulary: Children learn to associate the textures they feel with the word it describes. Children get to learn multiple describing words for textures such as soft, fluffed, woolly and much more.
  • Images have different textures: The different elements of the books have different textures. This helps little ones to have a feel of these elements. With different textures on all the pages, they get to know how the things in real life look like. 
  • Highly engaging: Because of touch and feel, the books encourage children to interact more. Children get to spend more time with these books as they are too much engaged. This makes reading time fun and instils a lifelong love of books. 
  • Multiple senses: There is involvement of multiple senses from these books as children get to see, touch and feel the textures. The sensation of touch helps in the exploration of objects in a better way. Touch and Feel holds the attention of a child and makes learning a fun process. 

Each page consists of a touch and feel spot with close to real textures. This makes the child comprehend easily. Touch and Feel makes the book perfect for the engagement of senses and spikes the curiosity and fascination of a child.

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