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Why should children read Indian Mythology?

Why should children read Indian Mythology?

Ask your child who’s his favourite superhero? And they will say superman, batman. None of them will say epic heroes like Hanuman or Krishna. This is so because right from childhood little one’s are exposed to superheroes. They look upto these superheroes as their role models. As parents, along with these superheroes children should get exposure to the epic heroes of our Indian Mythology. 

Indian mythology is full of stories of good winning over evil, dark over light, intelligence over ignorance. These stories provide an excellent moral ground to kids and make them understand what is right or wrong. Not only this but little ones get to learn a lot many things from Indian Mythology. 

  • It teaches about our culture: Mythology is an important part of any culture. Knowing about our culture, traditions and customs is an important part that should be imparted at any early age. Example: From Ramayana, children get to know about Lord Rama's story and why it is relevant to our culture. 
  • It teaches them about good-bad and right-wrong moral values: Indian Mythology has several instances that should be shared with children to develop the power of decision-making and make them understand the concept of right or wrong and good or bad. Mythological Books help in developing moral values in children. It teaches them moral values and emotions.
  • Children tend to be creative: Kids are very curious and they want to know as much as possible. Reading mythological books can bring out their creative instincts. These books also develop their spiritual aspects. 
  • It is the perfect time: It is good if you develop a habit of reading these mythological books at an early age. This is so because children tend to listen when they are young. Once they grow up, it is hard to try and convince them to do according to our wishes. 
  • Creates family bond: Reading out stories to your child with expressions and variations in the tone. This will help your child to connect with the story more. Thus, creating a good bond between you two. 

While schools provide the necessary formal education, parents can help their little ones in developing their personality and values by reading them our mythology. It is really important for kids to stay grounded and know their roots as they already know much about the multiple cultures and external influences. Therefore, it is more important now than ever, that our children know, understand and relate to our mythology.  Pegasus is India's leading award-winning children's book publisher. They have a wide range of books: workbooksstorybooksbaby board bookspuzzles, toys, activity bookscolouring books and many more. It is one of the best online platforms for buying kids’ books, games and toys that caters to children from 0 to 12 years old. They too have Mythological Books that are ideal for kids aged 3+ years based on Lord GaneshaHanumanLord KrishnaLord Rama and Lord Shiva

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