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Indian Mythological Stories for Kids- Set of 5 Books - Lord Rama, Shiva, Krishna, Ganesha & Hanuman (Illustrated)

by Pegasus
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Timeless Tales for Young Minds:

Introduce your child to the wonders of Indian mythology through beautifully illustrated and age-appropriate narratives. Each book in this set brings to life the heroic exploits, wisdom, and compassion of legendary deities, making these complex stories accessible and engaging for young minds.

Educational and Morally Enriching:

Beyond entertainment, these mythological stories are imbued with valuable life lessons and moral teachings. As your child follows the adventures of Lord Rama's righteousness, Shiva's cosmic dance, Krishna's mischievous escapades, Ganesha's wisdom, and Hanuman's unwavering devotion, they will absorb important values that will shape their character.

Cultural Enrichment and Heritage Awareness:

Foster a sense of cultural awareness and heritage appreciation from an early age. These stories are not only a source of entertainment but also a gateway for children to connect with the rich cultural heritage of India, instilling pride in their roots.

Bring the magic of Indian mythology into your child's world with this captivating set of five books. Watch as their eyes light up with wonder and curiosity, weaving the tales of gods and goddesses into the fabric of their early learning and imagination.

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