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Collectibles in puzzles making it more interesting for kids

Collectibles in puzzles making it more interesting for kids

  • How are puzzles important for kids?
  • What are collectibles?
  • Benefits of collectibles:
  • My World Puzzle : Pegasus

Puzzles are a great option for your little ones. They find it attractive and love to play with them. But have you ever thought of buying a puzzle along with collectibles? Collectibles make the puzzles more interesting and engaging. They provide a visual treat to the little ones where they get to know the surrounding areas in a better manner. 

Puzzles are interesting, mind-bending and packed with colourful fun. They are quite simple; all you have to do is put pieces together to make a whole. Besides puzzles being a fun part it is an important learning tool for toddlers as they provide many skills and cognitive learning benefits and opportunities. From improving upon their memory and fine motor skills to sharpening problem-solving skills or polishing shape recognition techniques, puzzles for kids do it all. Puzzles are a great tool for the overall development of your child. 

This toy provides a great opportunity for parents to interact with their kids. They can help their kids to find the missing pieces of the puzzle and play with them. The parents should try to give their kids challenging puzzles from time to time. This will involve much interaction from the parent’s side. Thus puzzles not only encourage independent learning and decision making but can also be used to promote interaction.  

Puzzles keep the kid’s mind active and working. It is quite helpful in memorising. This may often happen that your kid might have seen that object or colour somewhere and they remember it. Thus, they can put together the two or more pieces to complete it.

Puzzles come in a wide variety. There are 2-piece puzzles, 3-piece puzzles or more piece puzzles. It all depends on you what you bring for your little one. But how about puzzles coming up with all the collectibles in it.

What are collectibles?

We see kids arranging the pieces of puzzles, trying to complete them. But how amazing it is if they get a visual of how things around them actually look like. They could get to know this only if the puzzle comes along with the collectibles.

Collectibles are the additional elements that come with the pieces of puzzles. These additional elements give a visual treat to the little ones where they interact with the surroundings of the places around them.

 Benefits of collectibles:

  • These collectibles are quite fascinating for the little ones.
  • It helps them to interact easily with places around them.
  • It helps in making the puzzle look perfect and complete.
  • It helps in improving the visualisation power of the little ones.

Pegasus has come up with it's My World puzzle. It is very fascinating. It comes along with the collectibles in it. There are 12-piece puzzles. It contains backdrop images, books and figurines. The backdrop image and book are related to the theme of the puzzle. The cut-outs figurines help in completing the puzzle. The pieces are made with good quality materials and printed using non-toxic inks. Thus, ensuring the safety of the kids. This beautifully packaged set is a delightful learning gift for kids as the additional elements in the puzzle help the kids to visualise better.

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