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|Great Language Publishing Opportunities

Pegasus, the global powerhouse in children’s book publishing, boasts over 2000 magnetic products and captivates readers across 150 countries. Fueling imaginations, we unveil 300 new creations annually, delighting young minds with nearly one unveiling daily. Explore our enchanting world, where books, board games, puzzles, and gift products flourish under our esteemed brands and licenses.

|Why Do Pegasus Products Sell?

Our products, from captivating books to engaging puzzles, are masterfully crafted to enchant children of all ages. With impeccable quality, irresistible appeal, and unbeatable value, our offerings unlock vast sales opportunities. We take pride in our track record of publishing bestsellers, fueling the success of our esteemed partners across diverse territories. 

|What is the difference between Rights &            Co-Edition?

* Rights –   When you exclusively acquire the publishing rights of our product, you take charge of producing it at your own cost and handle all printing and production matters. 

* Co-edition –   When you purchase our product in your language, you acquire it at a total price that includes rights, adaptations, and production costs.

|Buying Rights & Co-editions

Discover a world of opportunity as we offer publishing rights to our magnetic products in all languages except English. Whether you choose to buy rights or co-editions, the choice is yours. For territories facing concerns with printing facilities and book/game imports, buying rights is the ideal solution. But if you prefer a hassle-free experience, opt for co-editions and sidestep the complexities of buying rights, printing, and manufacturing. As an added bonus, our experience has shown that co-editions often offer more cost-effective solutions than buying rights. Unleash your global potential with Pegasus and embark on a publishing journey like no other!

Frequently asked questions

Q1.  Can we Translate the book into any language?

  Yes, only if the rights/co-edition is already sold in a different territory.

Q2. What if we want to change or modify a certain part of the product, including text, content,picture, picture or the cover ? Do we get the right to do so? 

We are very flexible with our partners, and if the change or modification is for the product’s localization or improvement of the product, the partner has the right to do so.

Q3. Can we buy rights/co-edition for only text or pictures used in the product?

 The partner can buy rights only for the text or pictures if the rights are available.

Q4. What kind of modifications and changes are allowed?

We allow all kinds of modifications, from localization of the text (like currency change or famous personality inclusion) to changing the size of the product, changing the book’s cover, changing the kind of paper used or format of the book to match production cost.

Q5. Can we use our company name and logo on the product? 

Yes, you can use your logo and company details on the product. This would help your customer know about your brand and the company.