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Effective ways to teach Hindi to kids

Effective ways to teach Hindi to kids

Teaching your little ones any language is not everyone’s cup of tea. It really takes effort to teach young ones. Everyday you have to come up with new ideas and ways to teach them. Making everything interesting for them is really a big task. Because little ones tend to get bored with those traditional ways. 

The traditional ways of teaching are no longer in practice. Every parent wants to introduce fun and interesting ways to teach their little ones. When it comes to teaching a language that is Hindi, parents have to come up with interesting ways. Though we speak Hindi everyday, the concepts: the vowels, gender, sounds are not so easy. Children find it difficult to understand and learn. 

  • Buy them story books: It is not necessary that your little one can learn only through their textbooks. Give them story books and read children’s stories in Hindi.  They will find them more fascinating. Let your child read whatever interests him.
  • Bring them charts, flashcards: Making learning fun is very important. These visual aids are quite helpful. The child gets to learn more quickly and they are able to memorise it for a longer period of time. 
  • Make the basics clear: It is really important that your little ones know the vowels, sounds, gender very clearly. If  they have clarity, they can learn well. 
  • Always begin with action words: Starting with sentences is never a good pick. It is better if you start with action words. Such as sleep (sona), walk ( chalna), eat (khana), write (likho) and much more. Once your little one is aware of these words. They will be able to frame their own sentences. 
  • Let them play: It is not necessary that you have to make them sit and then teach. You can make them learn while they are playing or doing any other activity. The most important thing is to make learning fun and not boring for them.  

All you need to do is just tickle the curiosity and the interest levels of your child  and you are on the road to progress. Pegasus is India's leading award-winning children's book publisher. They have a wide range of books: workbooksstorybooksbaby board bookspuzzles, toys, activity bookscolouring books and many more. It is one of the best online platforms for buying kids’ books, games and toys that caters to children from 0 to 12 years old. 

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