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Most popular pre-primary books publishers in India

Most popular pre-primary books publishers in India

Every parent wants their children to be good at academics. They want to give the best education to their children. In order to provide good education, it is necessary to start the little one’s learning journey at an early age. Starting off early helps kids in the long run. They get to develop a lifelong love for reading. 

There are various pre-primary books publishers in India. Some of the famous publishers for children’s books are Tulika Books, Tiny Tot Publications, Tara Books, Little Latitudes and many more. One such very famous children’s book publisher in India is Pegasus. 

Pegasus is a well known brand for children’s products. They are quite famous pre-primary books publishers in India. They have children's books, puzzles and games. Their products are for kids aged 0-12 years. They have a variety of books for the little ones. Their books include early learning books, activity books, story books, workbooks and colouring books. They even have a variety of puzzles for little ones from 2 piece puzzles to 3 piece puzzles to 12 piece puzzles to 100 piece puzzles to even 500 piece puzzles. 

Pegasus has come up with some of the very renowned publishers in India. Being one of the pre-primary books publishers in India, Pegasus has books from those publishers. Some very famous publishers whose books have been published by Pegasus are listed below:

  • Ed Myers

Ed Myers is one of the freelance illustrators from London. He has worked on various children’s books. Touch n Feel Board Book is one such series introduced by him. These are ideal books for the little ones. These are padded books for infants where they get to touch and know how things in real life look and feel like. The books are quite handy and come with round and smooth edges for little ones. 

  • Jayne Schofield

Jayne Schofield was born in the United Kingdom. She is a very famous freelance illustrator. Her designs are beautifully illustrated. Pegasus has one of her series named Padded Early Years Board Book. These books are ideal for children aged 0+ months. The books are padded books which introduce preschool topics to little ones. The topics in this series are animals, first words, numbers, colours and shapes. 

  • Angelika Scudamore

Angelika Scudamore is an illustrator of children’s books from London. She loves to create cute and fun characters. She has illustrated two series of Pegasus. Animals and Things that move. Both the series have die-cut books for the toddlers. The books are good for toddlers. The books help them in their learning journey. Animals series contains books based on bear, cat, dino, dog, monkey, elephant, lion, flamingo and penguin. Things that move has books titled aircraft, ambulance, bus, car, fire engine, police, train and truck. 

  • Manmeet Narang

There are two series by Manmeet Narang. Amazing world of animalsBenny & Buzo and the globetrotters. Amazing world of animals is a series of 16 storybooks for kids aged 5 years and above. The books are written in a simple language which children could easily understand. The stories are about Liza’s day out, Joey is a big kangaroo, Tanny turtle finds her brothers, Lucy squirrel plays pranks, Poppy panda, Rhea’s adventure on her birthday and more. The Globetrotters is a series of 8 different books based on various countries. The books included in this series are: Made in Italy, Finding Friends in France, Hurray! It’s Brazil, The Secret uncovered in Egypt, Nothing Gets Lost in Japan, A Fairy Tales of Russia, Where West meets East! A trip to Turkey and Jordan and Castles of dream in England. The books are quite entertaining with a wide range of quirky insights on each page. These books are for kids aged 6 years and above. Benny & Buzo is a series of 8 storybooks for kids aged 3 years and above. These books are good to inculcate good manners in little ones where they learn the magic of brushing teeth, the magic of cleanliness, the magic of confidence, the magic of honesty, the magic of responsibility and more. 

  • Stephen Barnett

Stephen Barnett is a book publisher in Auckland, New Zealand and author in his spare time. He has written dozens of books. World around us and Moral Stories. World around us comes with 16 books in the series. Each book is based on the basic things that take place in our surroundings such as we like ice cream, Sam the cat, numbers, where are my socks, at the zoo, in the tent, the big game and others. Moral stories are written keeping in mind to inculcate good habits in children. These stories make little ones good human beings. The books in the series are manners, helping others, clean and tidy, a helping hand at mealtimes, always tell the truth, be cheerful, making friends, be brave, count your blessings, learn from mistakes and more titles in this series.  

  • Anuradha Mothali 

Anuradha Mothali is a children’s writer from Hyderabad. She has been a book creator for young minds. Life issues is one of the series illustrated by her in Pegasus. There are 8 books in the series which are ideal for kids aged 5 years and above. The books are titled on the basis of issues that little ones face in their school with friends or seniors. These books help kids to face those situations and deal with them. The issues discussed in this series are bullying, prejudices, good touch, bad touch, insult, making choices, respecting others, teasing and violence. These 8 books come in a single pack too. One can gift all these books together under great packaging. 

There are more such authors whose books are listed in Pegasus. Pegasus tries to be one of the best pre-primary books publishers in India. Pegasus products are loved by kids and parents equally.  Their products are easily available at their stores located at DLF, Mall of India, Noida and Pacific Mall, Subhash Nagar.

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