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Top 10 Popular Books for Kids

Top 10 Popular Books for Kids

Table of Contents

  1. Write, Wipe and Clean
  2. Art And Craft
  3. 1001 Brain Booster Activities
  4. Pop-Up Books
  5. Bedtime Stories
  6. 365 Stories
  7. 5 Minute Stories
  8. Copy Colour
  9. Adult Colouring Books
  10. Sticker Fun

We get to see a lot of books around us for kids. There are early learning books, colouring books, activity books, workbooks, picture and story books for kids. Little ones get fascinated by books that are highly attractive. What makes a book is maybe its cover or the inside. Some books have padded covers or there are foil print text or maybe there is something really very unique. When talking about the insides, there may be textures in all the pages or there may be hidden surprises for toddlers. This is what kids are really attracted to. Parents get attracted to books that would help in developing skills in their little ones. 

Not every book is popular among kids. There are some or the other exceptional features that attract kids or the parents and make that book popular. There are various children book publishers available in India. Pegasus is one of them. Many books from Pegasus are popular among children. Some of the books are mentioned here: 

  1. Write, Wipe and Clean

Wipe and clean are becoming quite popular these days. Parents are willing to buy these books for their little ones. There is no particular age to introduce such books but the moment a little one starts holding a pencil. One can get these books for their children. These books are really helpful for kids as these are reusable books. Wipe and clean books allow kids to practice more and more.  These books often come along with a pen. 

  1. Art And Craft

There is a little artist hidden in every child. Art & craft books bring that little artist alive and enhance their creativity. Kids get to spend hours making some or the other craft. These art and craft books include the craft material. One doesn’t have to buy anything separately. 

1001 Brain Booster Activities

Activity books are always fun. They include a variety of amazing activities such as mazes, word search, maths puzzles, spot the difference and more. These brain booster activities books are ideal for kids aged 3 years and above. 

  1. Pop-Up Books

Pop up books are highly interactive. These books catch the attention of little ones to a great extent. Pop up books teach the value of visualisation to kids. The images are very attractive and add to curiosity in kids. These pop-up books include 6 story books on princesses and fairy tales. The books in the series are some of the famous tales: Beauty & the Beast, Cinderella, Pinocchio, Puss in Boots, Rapunzel and Snow White & Seven Dwarfs. These are 3D pop-up books for toddlers. 

  1. Bedtime Stories

It is a really good habit if you read stories to your child before they sleep. This should be made a daily routine. Reading daily helps in developing early reading skills in little ones. Parents could read any of their child’s favourite stories. These books are based on the famous stories: forty fortunes, Jack & the beanstalk, the little match girl, sleeping beauty, masha & the bears, the gingerbread man, the fir tree, the wooden horse, the wooden shoes, the three trees, the three Billy goats. 

  1. 365 Stories

Isn’t this amazing that kids get to read stories each day of the year. These are an amazing collection of storybooks for kids. Kids get to read new stories everyday and develop early reading habits too. These books come in padded covers. The title of each book is printed in foil. The books are 365 bedtime stories, 365 amazing tales, 365 animal tales, 365 bible stories, 365 fairy tales, 365 goodnight stories, 365  magical tales, 365  moral stories, 365 princess tales and ghost stories for 365 days. 

  1. 5 Minute Stories

Kids often get bored easily as they tend to have a shorter attention span. Keeping this in mind, Pegasus has come up with this series. These 5 minute stories are a collection of short and crisp stories for the kids. The kids don’t even get bored from these stories and they are able to read the stories by themselves. The books have padded covers with foil print. Suitable for kids aged 3+ years. The pages are glossy and easy to flip with little hands. 

  1. Copy Colour

Children find these books really interesting. These books are designed to develop the artistic skills of children by copying the provided images. The books develop colour recognition skills in kids. The kids could colour these book switch pencil colours, crayons or oil pastels. The books are perfect for toddlers. They get to colour amusement park, circus, things they like, toys they like, favourite characters and more. 

  1. Adult Colouring Books

This adult colouring book is ideal for gifting to anyone on any occasion. The pages are printed on a single side, so there is no bleed through. The books come with tear-away pages. One could colour and give that sheet to their friends and family. There are 30 images with 30 inspirational quotes. Adult colouring books are a great way to relax and reduce stress. There are four titles and each title is printed with foil print. The four titles: Animals, Nature, Mandala and Travel. 

  1. Sticker Fun

Playing with stickers helps kids to develop various skills. From developing fine motor skills to visual scanning they get to learn a lot from those stickers. Kids enjoy playing with stickers. These sticker fun books are for budding artists. The books come with more than stickers for kids. There are four books based on things that move, alphabets, numbers and shapes & opposites. 

These are the 10 most popular books among kids these days. This is not the end of the list. One may explore their website or visit their stores in order to find more attractive and engaging books for kids!

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